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Our Stay In Touch Program

We know the importance and benefits of staying in touch with employees. We have developed an end-to-end program that supports, empowers and educates employees throughout their parental leave journey and beyond.

With 9 key features, our offering enables organisations to better support their employees throughout parenthood and realise business benefits.

Our program combines a customised portal experience, with data and insights, storytelling, practical resources and online training. Our program has been developed in conjunction with senior HR managers, experts, research and real-life experience.


Benefits for your organisation

  • Enhanced reputation and industry leadership
  • Increased employee retention and engagement
  • Reduced talent and knowledge loss from attrition
  • Reduced administrative costs of managing parental leavers
  • Supports an inclusive culture for all working parents

Benefits for your parents

  • Increased engagement and advocacy
  • Helps maintain career momentum
  • Fosters a leadership pipeline
  • Builds an engaged parent community
  • Provides practical support, resources and tools

The Circle In Stay In Touch program is accessed
via a company portal and features:

A customised portal

A branded portal that features company information, policies and so much more.

Parents’ offering

A portal that talks to both mothers and fathers to build a community of working parents.

Data and insights driven

Provides real data and insights into parental leavers’ experiences using our customised built research methodology.

Consistent approach

Ensures each employee is offered the same experience no matter how many geographical locations an organisation has.

“This is a program like no other. It builds a parents’ community, uses real stories to educate and inspire employees and provides a simple solution that makes it so easy for organisations to manage their employees on leave.”

Jodi Geddes, co-founder of Circle In.

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